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Jump to get to the end of the day in this platformer


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Leap Day is a really fun game where you have to show your skills before an audience that will roar to see you complete the daily challenges by climbing up as high up as you possibly can. Enjoy a completely new level every single day and don't ever stop climbing.

Every day this jumping game gives you a new challenge where you have to jump between platforms and blocks with spikes and other dangers, while trying not to die along the way. To climb, you have to try to bounce off of everything you can, meaning you have to respond to your character's movements at every moment. Since you can't control where it goes, you have to make sure you jump at exactly the right time.

The really fun thing about Leap Day is that it's different every day, so you'll never get bored. Face new monsters every time you play and evade never-before-seen traps every time you open the game.
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Leap Day: Enjoy a new level every day

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